Swimming for change

Hessel Vink

( Member of team: NewMotion in the Ocean )

from €1.000 (120%)

Swimming to stay fit for surfing. Surfing and windsurfing for fun. Less plastic = more fun.

It's sad to see what we as humans have done to our oceans, seas, rivers and everything that lives in them with our plastic in the last few decades. This needs to stop and change asap!

This year I decided to raise money for this cause. I decided to ask for birthday donations to this cause instead of gifts.

I'll swim the longer distance which is 1000 meters.

My first goal is to raise at least 1 euro per meter, so 1000,- euro's in total. Hopefully you can surprise me and help me raise as much as possible.

My second goal is to finish the 1000 meter in under 20 minutes. In the pool I can easily do this, but in open water I have no idea.