Swimming to fight the plastic problem

Inge Garenfeld

( Member of team: Team Panda )

from €200 (180%)

Swimming has been a passion for me since I was born, for years competition swimming was my favorite sport.

In 2005 I subscribed myself and started donating to WNF, 3,5 years ago I started working for this NGO and it is like a dream coming true. My love for nature and animals is growing every day! For example: Weekly I am cleaning the streets and park from trash and it feels great.

By joining the WWF Sea Swim I want to create awareness on the problems caused by plastics and make a statement to individuals, governments, enterprises: - These problems have to be solved as soon as possible! -

Of course it will be great if I can raise an amount of donations, so WNF will be able to set up projects. If you follow this link, you can read more about how WNF wants to fight this problem (in Dutch) https://www.wwf.nl/wat-we-doen/focus/oceanen/vervuiling

Please make a donation!

Happy greetings,