Sebastiaan Masselink
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I'm joing World Wild Fund (WWF*)'s 1k swimevent to help raise both awareness and money to solve plastic polution around the globe: Thank you for sponsoring me: Every hour one swimming pool full of plastic waste gets dumped in the world's oceans, on an aggregate basis. Every hour... Not only does it severely threaten sea life such as coral reefs, dolphins, turtles, whales, sharks and all other sealife species. Also humans, through their food, nowadays eat the equivalent of credit card of plastic, annually. Through fine invisible plastic partciles in fish, water etc.

Decisive action needs to be taken, we rapidly need more volume in advanced bio-based materials that are bio-degradable, to take over the massive volumes of cheap but heavily polluting oil-based plastics, ASAP. But even more important is for consumers and compamies to stop using so much plastic to begin with, and if you really need to use plastics make sure to recylce it after usage. I'm joining WWF's sea swim in the North Sea near Scheveningen, off the Dutch coast with many others, in order to draw attention to this problem that affects all of us, and to raise money for WWF to invest in solutions. Thank you for your support. There's a donate button on both my page as well as WWF's page.  (*WNF is the Dutch WWF organization)