Give nature a chance!

Caroline van der Leest

( Member of team: Exact Customer Success Mid-Market )

from €200 (122%)

As a big time animal lover, I am a member of WWF. When the MidMarket department at Exact said they were going to raise money for WWF as part of their CSR programma, I wanted to join right away!

Together we hope to raise 20.000 euro! My aim is to raise at least 200 euros or more to contribute to this!

Please help me raise money as I'll try to cycle 150 km in August. :)



Tuesday August 7: Cycled to work with a bit of a detour. Total of 28.7 km.

Saturday August 11th: Cycled 61.3 km

Saturday August 25th: Cycled 41 km.


Current total: 131 km cycled.