Running a 100 mile race to help the Tiger

Lars Assen
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To give something back to nature. A thing that has given me great joy in my life is being in nature. A lot of the news talks about nature and habitat being disrupted and destroyed. For me, and I think a lot of people can relate, it's heartbreaking to see. I hope to be able to give something back to nature. That is why I have started this fundraiser. 

For me, running has been a big part of my life the last few years. I've found a lot of happiness from getting outside and getting excersize in. For me, doing a charity around something I loved seemed like the right way to go.

The Challenge

The challenge is to run a 100 mile race. For now, I haven't found a race to run, since Covid has cancelled most events and the near future is uncertain. But that is the challenge, and once a race is found I will update the page.

How to help

The first way you can help is by donating to the page of course. But there are other ways to help me. Sharing the content and helping me reach more people would be greatly appreciated.