Searious Business got a living ocean

Lia Huybrechts

( 500 meter  | Lid van team: Searious Business  )

van totaal € 100 (45%)

I will join WWF’s Sea Swim on Saturday 10 September 2022 to protect our coral reefs.

For the blue heart of our planet 💙

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Big thanks!


Why protect coral?
Although they look more like plants or rocks, corals are animals that are essential for the planet.
- natural protection: protecting shorelines and coastal communities from the impact of big waves, storms and hurricanes as they make landfall
- habitats for marine life
- nutrients for marine life: as a valuable source of nitrogen and other essential nutrients, ocean corals support entire marine food-chains, which depend on them for survival
- climate regulator: coral absorb and store harmful pollutants, such as carbon, in the same way trees remove CO2 emissions from the atmosphere
- recycling heroes: corals recycle matter and nutrients from broken-down elements, generating new life from old in a process that self-perpetuates the reef’s ecosystem