Beast mode ON! 1000 burpees for WWF!

Ralph van der Laak

( Member of team: Exact Customer Success Mid-Market )

from €880 (16%)
I absolutely love outdoor (sports) activities in the breathtaking nature we still have. I want to do something back for that to protect it. My employer will back this up 100% by the initiative: "Exact on the move for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)". The challenge (deadline 2018) I will take on is: - basis: 2 times mountainbiking towards the Delft office from home (4x30 km = 120 km) + as I do not like easy single sport activities -> matched by 1 moving burpee (=burpee with 1 meter jump forwards) per km mountainbiking = 120 moving burpees = 120 meters - extra: for every donated euro, I will do 1 km of mountainbiking extra, and every single 1 euro will be matched with 1 extra moving burpee as well. Ultimate goal: Raising 880 euro for WWF and in this way completing 1000 km of mountain biking + 1000 moving burpees = 1 km in burpees (challenge basis is 120 + 880 fund raising = 1000)