Enjoying every single day!

03 September 2022 09:33

Since I joined the Sea Swim 2022, we have been in the sea daily. I wanted to say we have been swimming in the sea every day. But that's not quite true. Because some days all we can do is jump waves.

But the key is, we are dipping in every day. And enjoying it every day.

We're having our goal, the Sea Swim, in mind and that makes it easy to keep going.

But it's also the other way around: because the steps are so enjoyable, it is easy to keep working for that goal.

I might even find a life lesson in there ;-)

But that's not what I wanted to share.

I wanted to share the joy by sharing some pictures of what the start of the day at around 7am can look like if you are dreaming of the Sea Swim 2022.

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