Donate and don't come see me swim

Suzanne Bakker

( 500 meter  )

van totaal € 300 (80%)

I care about nature. I love swimming. I have been a member of WWF since I was little.

And yet, this is my first sea swim for the WWF.

The last time, in 2019, I let my husband swim alone. He did 500m.

I loved that he did that but I did not make time to join him, to cheer him on, to help him dry up afterwards, or even to take a picture.

My work was sooooooooooo important and urgent and all that.

So I simply donated to his campaign and that was that.

When he came home after this adventure I felt that I had lost the plot.

And I promised myself (and him) that next time I would join, too.

So that we would prepare together and swim together and be together and enjoy these special moments together.

Because of corona it has taken a while.

But the Sea Swim is back this September.

And I am going to be there this time, as a swimmer.

I would love it if you can support me with a donation.

I will do my level best to make it through the 500m and to cheer my husband on this time around!

Here is to keeping promises!