From hope spots to plastic free

Tina Louisa Hall

( 500 meter  )

from €250 (64%)

Our oceans and seas are suffering from all the plastic waste that we produce. A great wind of change is needed to go from hope spots that still thrive to a plastic free ocean. We need to realize that there is no such thing as away. When you throw something away it has to go somewhere.

To raise awareness about the current state of the oceans and seas and the impact this has on us as a whole I am participating in the WWF-Sea Swim on September 10, 2022. And you can show your support by raising your awareness!

And if you like make a donation to help WWF on their mission to protect our seas and oceans, to fight for sustainable fishing, to put a stop to plastic waste and protect our sea turtles.

Hoping for your involvement to add wind to my sails.

With lots of ocean love,
Tina Louisa Hall