How it works?

Great that you want to do something good for the planet! There are many nice ways to fundraise. Please do something that makes you happy! You can sell your homemade cakes, join a running-event, donate your birthdaygifts, organise an event at your school with the other students ... whatever you choose, we love to help you with your fundraising! You can download our Go Wild-toolkit very easily or you can e-mail us: or call one of our 'wild' colleagues: 0800-1962  (free).

How it works:

Step 1-Create an action

Create an action that is as close as possible to your own interests and talents. And ... do especially something you like! Use your creativity.

You can start an action individually or in a team.

Step 2-Start your action

Create a personal action page to this site. Make this as attractive as possible with your motivation text, photos and updates. You fill in your target amount; how much money you want to retrieve.

Tip: give your personal action page a short and powerful title (url) that you can easily remember.

Step 3 – Promote your action, draw attention!

Tell people about your action and ask them to support your action. Start with your family, friends and colleagues. Refer them to your personal action page, so anyone who visits your action page, can donate directly online or respond.

Put posts on social media and local media or put up posters. Try to get as many people excited. Do you need promotional materials from us? Look in the toolkit.

See also the 10 tips to make your action a success.

Step 4 - Fundraise and reach your goal

Through the donate button on your action page one can contribute to your action. All online donations are tracked on your action page. Regularly check the standings.

Have you achieved your target amount? Communicate the final amount of your event to your donors and thank them!

Donate to an action

You can of course also support an existing action with a donation. The money collected contributes to the protection of endangered plant and animal species and is spent on WWF projects worldwide.

How to donate?

- Choose the event or action you would like to sponsor

- Click on "Donate now"

- Enter the amount you want to donate or choose an amount

- Fill in your name and email address 

- Choose the payment method: iDeal, Visa, MasterCard or a direct debit