A.S.V.Gay fundraising action for the WWF
from €100 (80%)
This year our planet is nearly 1'5 degrees Celsius warmer now than it was in the 20th century. This year aproximately 10 million hectares of forest will have been deforested, about 2,5x the size of The Netherlands. These and many other alarming facts remind us how crucial it is to act now. A.S.V.Gay wants to stimulate its members to improve their habits and life more sustainably, creating more awareness and contributing with actions as this one. The WWF is one of the most important NGO's focussed on the conservation of nature, animals in danger and the communities who live with them. By donating you will contribute to different projects, as reforestation of the Amazon or protection of the Orangutan in Borneo. Share this action on Social Media and, if possible, donate. You can make the difference and every step counts. Thank you very very much for your support, With love, The Board of A.S.V.Gay, Anneke, Bart, Isa, Marieke & Matthias.