Team McConnell (Ewan 8 Isla 6 and Lochlann 10)

The Christmas Eve Challenge! 26.6km bike ride, 7.9km walk.
van totaal € 100 (175%)

Lochlann Ewan and Isla are all passionate about nature and we try to do our best for the planet. We give a regular dontation to WWF but this Christmas we want to try and raise a little extra. Inspired by the UK WWF winter wander we have created our own winter challenge. On Christmas Eve we plan to cycle 13.3km to the start point of our walk. Then Isla and Dave will be doing a 2.9 km walk and me and the boys are doing a 7.9 km loop. After that its back on the bikes for the 13.3 km ride home. 

When I asked Ewan why he wanted to participate he said: "To help animals and save the world"

Thank you very much for your support.